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Why sell on hubventory?

Behind Hubventory
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Hubventory was created by The Boutique Hub, the most trusted community in independent retail.

When you sign up to sell on Hubventory, you'll also be joining Boutique Hub, giving you instant access to thousands of trusted retailers, daily community support, brand education, live events and more!

What brands Love:

  • Fast Payouts
    Instant, secure payouts

    Get paid as soon as your order ships, directly. We'll never touch your money, nor charge you to get it faster.

  • Vetted & Engaged Buyers

    Buyers on Hubventory are vetted & have access to top expert education to strengthen their business & buy smarter, daily.

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  • Affordable Commission
    Low Flat Commission Rates

    Sell to your top 50 buyers, free anytime. Low, flat 5% on any other orders

  • Collaborative Inventory Boards

    Collaborate with fellow brands to showcase your merchandised inventory together, and to cross market audiences! Community over competition, always.

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Two sites, one membership, and one powerful goal.
your success

Combine smart & creative wholesale shopping on Hubventory, with the trusted community, expert education, member tools & perks at The Boutique Hub. Shop the brands & products you love & trust on Hubventory, while you use the daily tools & tips to grow your business on The Boutique Hub. Two sites, one membership, and one powerful goal.

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We invite all vetted retailers in good standing to shop on Hubventory! We want to introduce you to quality retailers to build lasting partnerships with, not buy in groups or those without an operational business. Boutique Hub members have special perks and pricing on Hubventory.
As a wholesale brand, your membership at Hubventory and The Boutique Hub are combined into one! For $49 a month (paid annually), you have full access to sell on Hubventory, plus all of the membership benefits at The Boutique Hub including weekly live wholesale education, live events, tradeshow exposure, Facebook groups to reach new retailers, and access to discounts on tools and services you use daily in business.
Anyone can apply to sell on Hubventory, but all wholesale brands will be vetted for quality. Hubventory is looking for established wholesale brands of all types and sizes, with a proven history of providing quality products and customer service to the retail industry. We are looking for brands with original products, free of trademark or copyright issues, who want to build long term partnerships with vetted retailers of all types. Wholesale brands will be approved as members of Hubventory and The Boutique Hub while selling on the platform.
For wholesale brands, selling on Hubventory first requires a membership of $49/month, paid annually. This membership vets brands, and gives the full access to not only sell on Hubventory, but the entire community, weekly live education, wholesale training library, tradeshow exposure, trend reports and live events at The Boutique Hub. The commission structure on Hubventory is a flat 5% for any order and FREE to your top 50 customers, anytime! We want to build long term partnerships for all brands, showrooms, reps and agencies that allows you to predict your business expenses and trust that you can operate without worry of fee’s eating away profits.
Yes! We encourage you to share Hubventory with your current customers not just for a price based perk, but to help them buy smarter with the built in tools, education and community for retailers on Hubventory and The Boutique Hub. We also want to make sure your top 50 customers can easily find you on Hubventory, with no cost to you, so when you invite them to the platform, you’ll never be charged commission on those orders!
Getting you paid, as soon as you ship a customer’s order is critical. There is no need for us to touch or hold your money, or charge you more for faster order payouts. You’ll see order payments in your Stripe account directly from the boutiques placing order, not from Hubventory, as soon as they are fulfilled.
As soon as an order is placed on Hubventory, you’ll be notified to accept or decline the order. When orders are synced with Shopify, a draft order is placed in your system to fulfill. Or you can export your daily orders to ship and fulfill on your own inventory system. Simply upload the tracking number into the Hubventory order to mark it as fulfilled and get your final payout.

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