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Based In New Jersey / Florida

Founded 2016

Minimum $ 100.00 minimum

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Made in the USA

🇺🇸 What's the difference between EJL and the average seller? ALL CUSTOM EJL BRACELETS, HATS & ACCESSORIES ARE DESIGNED/EMBROIDERED by the EJL TEAM in the USA & SHIP QUICKLY 🇺🇸 EstelleJoyLynn, LLC (aka EJL) contains original curated & designed content protected by copyright. No one may lawfully use, replicate or duplicate the original text, verbiage, images, photos, videos, concepts, creations, color combinations, designs of EJL bracelets or accessories in any way whatsoever. If you do, this is notification you are in violation of EJL copyright. Our Embroidered Tassel Bracelets & accessories are the highest quality & signature to EstelleJoyLynn, LLC 🎀.

🔴 NOTICE** EJL BRACELET DESIGNS and PHOTOS have been STOLEN BY WHOLESALE SELLERS, COPYCATS, SHEIN, MERCARI & OTHERS! We have taken action and filed a lawsuit against SHEIN under the RICO act to protect the EJL Brand 🔴 ESTELLEJOYLYNN, LLC is the leader in designing and curating custom embroidered tassel bracelets, embroidered charm barcelets, trucker hats and accessories! 💗 EJL is the originator of custom embroidered tassel bracelets & embroidered charm bracelets. DON'T BE FOOLED BY FOREIGN IMPOSTERS, CHEAP IMITATIONS OR COPYCATS. Our Embroidered Bracelets, Trucker Hats & accessories are all embroidered in the USA by the ELJ Team of the highest quality and signature to EstelleJoyLynn. COPYCAT embroidered bracelets are poor quality and mass produced in China. Other wholesalers are selling them for cheap prices as if they made them themselves in the USA but they are actually a China product. Buyer Beware!

Hundreds of Boutiques, Colleges, & Retailers carry the EJL Brand across the Country and Internationally. We pride ourselves on quality, and originality. We would love for you to carry our products which are proudly made in the USA 🇺🇸

EJL Started as “Beach Girl Jewelry” in front of our beach house. As beach goers walked past our house on their way to the beach, they'd stop and admire our handmade personalized bracelets and place an order. On their way back home, they’d be excited to pick up their bracelet. EJL now represents three generations and was born out of the "Love of Joy". Beloved Mother and Grandmother. Every EJL product is here for the "Love of Joy". Forever in our Hearts💗


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Return Policy

All returns are handled by EstelleJoyLynn.

All Bracelets, trucker hats & accessories are handmade custom embroidered on an individual basis according to each customer's specifications.

Therefore, we do not accept any returns. In addition, for sanitary reasons and due to the nature of Covid-19, Estellejoylynn does not accept returns of jewelry, hats and /or personal items at this time. All items are Final Sale.

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