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PMK Shoes
PMK Shoes

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Founded 2009

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PMK Shoes

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PMK Shoes was founded in 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our story began in the 1920s when an Armenian family set on a new beginning and migrated to Argentina. With a heart filled with possibilities and dreams, our family submerged themselves in the vision and tenacity that comes with the world of shoes.

In 1955, PMK Shoes began to formally establish itself within the Argentinian leather shoe community. With its desire to grow a sustainable future into the shoe business, PMK Shoes and its team’s hard work and dedication is behind three generations of shoe-makers.

In 2009, our family’s great-grandson and his wife decided to transform the family into what PMK Shoes represents today. Our first store opened in Villa Urquiza, a traditional and commercial neighborhood of Capital Federal in Buenos Aires and then opened two more stores in Belgrano. PMK Shoes proudly represents Argentinian designs that today transcends across borders into Chile, Uruguay, Spain, and the United States.

We are a growing family of entrepreneurs with dreams surpassing frontiers. PMK Shoes’ focus is not just on making high-quality trendy shoes, we are always looking for motivated people across the world to join the PMK Shoes Team!


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