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Wellington Design Co
Wellington Design Co

Based In Temperance, MI

Founded 2020

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Wellington Design Co

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Wellington Design Co. is a Michigan-based children’s wholesale company founded by husband & wife team, Ryan & Valerie Becker, that specializes in ready-to-ship, limited-run collections!

Comprised of a family of three brands, our coordinating collections for boys, girls & mama are released multiple times per week, helping you keep your boutique fresh with frequent new inventory.

Wellie Kate. Named for the founders’ daughter, Landrie Kate, this is our all-girls line. You'll find all the things that little girls love, while still being functional and comfortable!

TwoCan. We can't forget the boys! Named in honor of Ryan & Valerie’s two sweet boys - Jax & Finn - each collection in this line is comprised of at least one boy component!

Addy Cole. Our Mommy & Me brand, designed by Valerie's childhood friend, Addy Cole specializes in leggings for Mama & her mini that are super soft yet so durable! .

All of our clothing is designed in-house by Valerie. All outfits have a coordinating set and are produced in limited runs- no more than 1000 of each outfit is made!


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