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Based In Sandy, UT

Founded 2012

Minimum $ 90.00 minimum

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Women Owned

modern+chic aims to strike the perfect balance between style and utility for women & moms that are just like the founders - always going. We test each product's market sales and viability through our own marketing channels to offer our retailers a leg up. After all, we've been in your shoes before! It's hard to order products without knowing what is going to sell well. That's why we work closely with you to identify who your customers are and direct you to the products we know are hot sellers in that community. We carry a large selection of accessories, bags, backpacks, crossbody and belt bags all made from high-quality fabrics, metals, and more. When we first started, the basement was full from floor to ceiling with new products, packing labels, boxes. Our family + neighbors all came together to help us keep up with demand. Now that we've grown to a larger warehouse, it has enabled us to work with retailers like you all across the country and we're proud to be able to employ an amazing team of gals dedicated to making your experience with modern+chic wonderful.


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Jacie Clear Sling Crossbody
Affirmations Adjustable Bag Strap
Bear Hug Adjustable Bag Strap
Catherine Belt Bag
Willow Convertible Crossbody
Kara Crossbody
Kristen Jewelry Case
Skylar Nylon Side-Cinch Tote
Kris Leopard Print Adjustable Bag Strap
Swayze Striped Adjustable Bag Strap
Madison Belt Bag
sutton sling crossbody
m+c touchless tool - final sale
Lainey Convertible Crossbody
paloma pom + tassel keychain
sage wooden keychain bracelet - final sale
Salma Adjustable Bag Strap
Jaelynn Chevron Adjustable Bag Strap
Vera Striped Adjustable Bag Strap
Jenna Leopard Print Adjustable Bag Strap
marley pom pom keychain - final sale
Aspen Sherpa Belt Bag
The Signature Tote
Sloane Adjustable Bag Strap
Marissa Saddle Crossbody
Isabella Customizable Cosmetic Case
The Signature Crossbody
Brielle Convertible Bag
luna fabric keychain - final sale
Tabitha Woven Adjustable Bag Strap
Anniston Canvas Hobo Bag - Final Sale
Nova Star Adjustable Bag Strap
Dottie Polka Dot Adjustable Bag Strap
lauren keychain bracelet + clutch - final sale
The Signature Bundle
The Signature 3-Piece Clear Bag Set
ivy wooden keychain bracelet - final sale
Charlie Animal Print Adjustable Bag Strap
hazel keychain - final sale
Roxie Adjustable Bag Strap
Gia Adjustable Bag Strap
zoey beaded keychain bracelet
lola pom pom keychains - final sale
Kinsley Canvas Bag - Final Sale
Molly Oversized Plaid Clutch
ozzie rainbow tassel keychain
Charlotte Tote
mama keychain

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