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Based In LOS ANGELES, California

Founded 2018

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#fashiondesigners #life #obsessed #bekind #payitforward

We are a passionate bunch who love fashion, trends, #ootd, people and life, so we put our minds & hearts together to create this brand to express and materialize all those things into special pieces that people can wear at various events in their lives and feel amazing in: super soft fabric, superb quality, comfort, and style all included.

Through the process of carefully planned style forecasts, fabric selections, and design revisions that lead to perfection, a new innovative style is born daily in the house of Saints & Hearts.

Join us and watch our collection grow, and we would love to see you grow further with us! As we metamorphose from Working Bees to Queen Bees, our goal as an Apparel Design Team/Wholesale Manufacturer is to spread the good vibes with our brand, and pay it forward through donations and fundraisers for causes that matter most to us. We promise to share our spiritual journey with you as we grow!


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