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California Mango
California Mango

Based In Sante Fe Springs, ca

Founded 2018

Minimum $ 200.00 / $ 100.00 minimum

Zip Code

California Mango

Founding Member
Top Brand
Fair Trade
Made in the USA

Add a Splash of California to Your Life

Breezy beaches, sprawling sunsets, salty air — there’s nothing more inviting than a warm California day. And when we created California Mango, we wanted to give everyone a chance to experience it all — to soak in the essence of California, without leaving home. From there, our mango body care collection was born.

With origins in high-end salons and spas, we’re now sharing our California cool with everyone, one sun-kissed body at a time.

Our vegan, gluten-free recipes combine naturally-derived ingredients from moisture-rich mango oil to soothing Aloe Vera to free-radical fighting Acai and firming Goji to restore and protect skin. Together with antioxidants including Vitamins A, D, and E, our body washes, lotions, exfoliating scrubs and cuticle oils pamper your body and unleash a healthy, off-the-beach glow and fresh mango scent — even if you’re miles from the sand.

Fresh, Natural, Beautiful . . . California Mango


Dallas Market Center Jun 19, 2024 - Jun 25, 2024

Temps booth no, 124612

Live Sales

Body and Spa

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AmericasMart Jul 16, 2024 - Jul 22, 2024

Temps booth no, 2601

Live Sales

Body and Spa

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