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Oily Blends
Oily Blends

Based In Casselberry, FL

Founded 2014

Minimum $ 50.00 / $ 25.00 minimum

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Oily Blends

Founding Member
Made in the USA
Not on Amazon
Small Batch
Social Good
Women Owned

We aren’t your average toiletry company. Here at Oily Blends, we value results. Smelling pretty is nice, but having products that actually work the way they are described, is even better. Our all natural bath and body items are affordable hand-made alternatives to the big box store products.

Oily Blends products are made by hand, and in small batches. We only employ a handful of people at our 7,000 square foot shop just outside of Orlando, FL. We take pride in crafting quality products, that we would be willing to (and do) use on our families. From our bath salts and candles, to our shower steamers, each ingredient is thoughtfully considered. Only high quality oils and ingredients are used, to ensure a superior finished product.


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