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Based In Los Angeles, CA

Founded 2017

Minimum 6 pieces minimum

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Elevate your style with VERVET: Where denim meets love!

Welcome to VERVET, a denim brand inspired by Flying Monkey, driven by quality, design, and value. Our journey began with your support, culminating in VERVET – a tribute to denim excellence.

Origins: VERVET draws from the joyful VERVET monkey, embodying its love-spreading spirit. Our denim carries that positivity, connecting hearts.

Stitching Bonds: At VERVET, we craft more than jeans; we weave connections. Each thread symbolizes our community's strength and our dedication to you.

Exceptional Denim: VERVET Denim intertwines high quality and affordability, creating comfort, confidence, and lasting value. It's more than fashion; it's a statement.

Crafting Memories: Slip into VERVET, wrap yourself in happiness. Each wear is an experience, a memory waiting to be cherished, a testament to life's joy.

Embrace VERVET: Join us in spreading love and positivity. VERVET is more than clothing – it's a shared journey. Embrace life, one denim at a time.

With Love,


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Return Policy

All returns are handled by VERVET.

All claims must be initiated within 5 days from the invoice date, and returns require prior written authorization.

It is essential to note that orders will be held from shipping if payment does not align with the agreed terms.

We explicitly disclaim any warranties or guarantees, absolving ourselves of liability for defects or damages resulting from the use of our goods.

Returns will not be accepted under the following conditions:

- Loss or damage to merchandise while in the customer's possession (excluding unpacking to inspect contents).
- Merchandise that appears worn, used, or in a non-saleable condition.
- Requests for returns beyond the vendor's specified return period.
- Breaking of the original vendor packaging and subsequent re-wrapping.

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