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Based In New York, NY

Founded 2015

Minimum $ 175.00 minimum

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Top Brand
Made in the USA
Women Owned

Wanting to take an elevated twist on the temporary tattoo craze, artist and founder Dani created a line of elevated temporary tattoos inspired by her hand-drawn designs. She started the brand during her senior year as a Fine Arts major at USC, and has taken the brand to be the viral beauty brand it's known for today: counting celebs like the Kardashians, Bella Hadid, Emma Chamberlain and Dixie D'Amelio as fans of the brand.

We've created more than just a temporary tattoo- INKED is hand-drawn wearable art, with designs you'd actually want to get for real. We thrive off giving our customers the ability to express themselves without the commitment and be able to experiment with their dream tattoo. With INKED, we give everyone the opportunity to join in on the tattoo fun!

Our tattoo ink is extremely high quality: vegetable based, cruelty free, vegan, waterproof, non-toxic, and made in the U.S.A.! Our packaging is reusable and recyclable, and not to mention super chic and giftable.


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