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Molly & You
Molly & You

Based In Sac City, IA

Founded 2013

Minimum $ 150.00 / $ 100.00 minimum

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Molly & You

Founding Member
Top Brand
Made in the USA
Women Owned

molly&you® began in small-town Iowa with 100 bags of homemade beer bread mix at a craft show. Today, we’re in thousands of retail stores around the country, BUT we’re still inspired by the small-town values and work ethic that started us on this amazing journey. Molly Wilson grew up in a small Midwest community brimming with church potlucks, neighborhood gatherings, and family game nights. She’s been entertaining her entire life, just like her mother and grandmother did. As most Midwesterners do, Molly enjoyed the county fair — and that is where an amazing beer bread was discovered. Realizing it was fun, and simple, with an incredible taste, she set out to bring the best beer bread mix to consumers across the United States. A brand was born.

We do not allow our retailers to sell our products on third-party platforms including, but not limited to Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. We welcome social sellers on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and also on our retailers’ direct websites.


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