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Linc Active
Linc Active

Based In Boerne, TX

Founded 2020

Minimum $ 200.00 / $ 5.00 minimum

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Linc Active

Founding Member
Plus Sizes
Top Brand
Small Batch
Women Owned

Linc Active is a locally owned, women–run activewear brand, based in Boerne, Texas. We are dedicated to detail and strive to bring the best to our customers.

Linc Active strives to deliver beautifully designed pieces paired with outstanding performance benefits, so women can feel confident and stylish before, during, or after their workout.

We love to see women becoming better every day by living active, healthy lifestyles and creating a love of movement that will last a lifetime. Each of our collections have been inspired by real women and real life; by mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, by places we’ve been and things we’ve seen.

We are Linc Active – Created for fitness. Designed for Life.


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