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Flicker + Flame Candle Co
Flicker + Flame Candle Co

Based In Bowdon, Georgia

Founded 2021

Minimum $ 300.00 / $ 200.00 minimum

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Flicker + Flame Candle Co

Founding Member
Top Brand
Made in the USA
Not on Amazon
Women Owned

Flicker + Flame Candle Co. originally started as a gift. A gift for our owner, Sadie Young's husband. As a pharmacy intern and college student, Sadie had the idea to gift Drew back his very first truck. A 1999 z71 camouflage Chevrolet. A truck that might not mean much to most, but held all the special memories to them. Hand pouring candles became Sadie's path back to the truck and unknowingly, a new business. Flicker + Flame Candle Co. officially launched in March of 2020. From the first candle poured in Sadie's spare bedroom, to a brand, storefront, and nationwide wholesaling, we are so grateful for this journey and support over the past few years. Flicker + Flame could not be here without YOU!


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All returns are handled by Flicker + Flame Candle Co.

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