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Curated brands, easy integrations & smart inventory planning Shop Hubventory Now

Welcome to the wholesale platform built for you!

Created by business owners just like you, just for you....MEET HUBVENTORY.

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Why shop on Hubventory?

  • Curated & Trusted Follow brands you love to create your personal style feed.
    Business tools built in Buy smarter with tips, plans, boards, & smart shipping calendars
  • CREATIVE INVENTORY PLANNING Build inventory planning boards to map out your collections & purchases.
  • SMART INTEGRATIONS Create draft products instantly with Shopify & soon, Comment Sold.
  • Member perks Hub Member pricing, supportive community, insatnt education, perks & community exchange.
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Plan smarter buys with creative inventory tools & boards, curated from brands you know and trust.

Discover & shop
in 4 unique ways:

Don't just buy...invest in products that fit your business goals. We'll be there every step of the way to help your business grow.

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Want even more?
Work smarter, not harder when you're a Hub Member

Since 2013 at The Boutique Hub, we've intimately served boutique retailers and wholesale brands, always leading with the tools, education and resources most impactful to your business.

And that's why we took the leap to create Hubventory! To build a marketplace with the tools, pricing and creative heart that we knew would impact your future most.

Any vetted retailer can shop on Hubventory, but there's more….

When you're a member of The Boutique Hub, you also get:

Inside of Hubventory:

  • Follow Curated Brands

    We vet and curate each brand active on Hubventory to make sure it's the most trusted and best fit for your business.

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  • Smart Features

    From automatic order canceling, to live sale box collections, to Shopify sync…we are adding new features and tools you request weekly!

    Screenshot of a boutique's dashboard
  • Track your budget

    Input your open to buy plan budget, and track your cash as you plan your inventory before you buy, and after it ships. Buy smarter with every order.

    Screenshot of a boutique's order page on the dashboard
  • Build inventory boards

    Build themed boards to creatively plan your inventory by season, collection, category or arrival dates that fit your buying style.

    Screenshot of inventory boards

We can't wait for you to start exploring, following brands and saving products! Let's start shopping!

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