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2024 Fall/Winter Shoe Trends cover photo

2024 Fall/Winter Shoe Trends

Levitating Loafers - Loafers are always a timeless trend but these Lofty platform soles are peaking! Flatform, platform, chunky and heeled loafers to go to higher heights.

Strap in - Thick bands of material balanced by a low heel or a flat mary-jane are the update to ballet-core! From delicate ankle straps to bold crisscross designs, these shoes elevate any ensemble. Perfect for causal and dressing up.

Let it Slip - This season, a spotlight has been shone on slip-on house shoes. Delivering more than just comfort, suede clogs and shearling-lined booties signify a lifestyle shift, blurring the boundaries between home and the outside world. Cosy and cool!

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