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Wholesale Candle Brands

Wholesale Candle Brands

There’s nothing more satisfying than lighting a brand new candle in a scent that you are absolutely obsessed with! Are candles a big seller for your retail business? Look no further. Here are our top picks for wholesale candle brands that you can purchase from right here on Hubventory.

A good retail collection will include a little bit of everything, and we can’t forget the scent factor! Weather it’s a holiday collection, a summer collection, or anything in between, these wholesale candle brands have sweet scents to increase sales.

Wholesale Candle Brands

Flicker + Flame

Flicker + Flame is a women-owned luxury candle brand that specializes in handcrafted scents you won’t be able to find elsewhere. They also supply room sprays, natural insect repellent, car fresheners, and more for all your customer’s scent needs! You can shop Flicker + Flame right here on Hubventory.

Abboo Candle Company

Since 2017, Abboo Candle Co® has been creating minimalistic designed clean-burning soy candles and wax melts that are hand poured & heart filled® in Fortville, IN with unique scent combinations to help you create an inviting, cozy home.

Prairie Fire Candles

Prairie Fire Candles are a small farm specializing in small bath natural products all 100% grown and handmade in USA. With unique scents and packaging, your customers are sure to love their line.

Maddison Avenue Candle Company

Maddison Avenue Candle Company is family owned and operated They have highly scented soy candles that are made from US-grown soybeans with cotton and wood wicks. Each candle is hand-poured in Illinois. Maddison Ave also offers private labeling!

Oily Blends

Oily Blends products are made by hand and in small batches. They take pride in crafting quality products. From their bath salts and candles to our shower steamers, each ingredient is thoughtfully considered. Only high-quality oils and ingredients are used to ensure a superior finished product.

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