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Textured Metal Bins - Set of 3

Textured Metal Bins - Set of 3

By Tripar International, Inc.
$ 100.00 minimum

This set of durable Textured Metal Bins comes in various sizes and can be used as plant stands or as beautiful storage to keep items stashed away but within reach.

-Available in Gold, Black, and White.
-If used with plants, use with planting pot inside to prevent rusting - bins do not have a hole in the bottom
-Legs have rubber pads to protect flooring.
-Large: 11.8" W x 11.8" D x 21.6" H (3.6 lbs).
-Medium: 9.9" W x 9.9" D x 18.8" H (2.9 lbs).
-Small: 7.9" W x 7.9" D x 13.8" H (1.9 lbs).

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