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Natural Wood Bins - Set of 3

Natural Wood Bins - Set of 3

By Tripar International, Inc.
$ 100.00 minimum

These Natural Woods Bins are perfect for organizing products and displaying artificial plants. The neutral colors look beautiful with all room styles and decor. Can also be used to display plants that are potted in a waterproof pot.

Can be used as dump buckets for mixed merchandise.
Not food safe but can be used for candy or other prewrapped food items.

Indoor use only
Not waterproof, use with potted plant containers.
Simple Assembly

Large: 14.75" L x 14.75" W x 28" H, 3.45 lbs
Medium: 12.75" L x 12.75" W x 24.75" H, 2.9 lbs
Small: 10.75" L x 10.75" W x 21.75" H, 2.2 lbs

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