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Based In Wishek, North Dakota

Founded 2010

Minimum $ 300.00 / $ 50.00 minimum

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Sparkle City has been in the t-shirt printing business since 2010. We understand our role in helping your boutique thrive with products that are unique, high quality, and sell themselves. We make our favorites easy to purchase in standard pack sizes, but also allow the freedom to create your own with a good price point.

We offer customization options, such as choosing your print, t-shirt color, and even utilization of your business logo and/or custom designs.

Save yourself even more $$ and have even more flexibility by purchasing our DTF transfers! Our transfers are clear and easy to use on any heat-friendly garment. All you need is a heat press!

Our most efficient and unique product option is the sleek t-shirt tubing. Save yourself and your team hours of refolding shirts, along with creating options for always clean-looking displays. These tubes are reusable, so you can recycle as many times as you see fit while saving $$ and time. Your tees will come packaged in the tubes with sizing labeled clearly on top.

We are excited to work with you and make your purchasing easier, unique, and with the high quality you deserve!


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