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Located in the vibrant heart of New York City, Reneue is a premier designer and manufacturer of contemporary fashion jewelry and accessories. With a relentless dedication to innovation and style, we strive to set trends rather than follow them. Our brand ethos revolves around inspiring positivity, fostering honesty, and building trust with our customers.

At Reneue, we believe in the power of serving others. By deeply understanding the diverse lifestyles and preferences of our clientele, we craft products and experiences that consistently exceed expectations. Our mission is not just about selling accessories; it's about sparking joy, confidence, and individuality in each person who chooses Reneue.

Join us on our journey to redefine fashion and empower individuals to express themselves boldly and authentically. Experience the difference with Reneue - where every accessory tells a story of creativity, quality, and timeless elegance.


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Heart Beaded Hairband for Valentine's Gift
Heart Post Earrings for Valentine's Day or Special Day
Epoxy Melting Heart Stud Earring
Valentine's Day Lips Seed Beads Earrings
Valentine's Day LOVE Seed Beads Earrings
Handmade Thread Wrap Double Heart Earrings for Special Day like Valentine's
Cowboy Boots & Hearts Post Earrings for Your Loved Ones
Valentines Day Knotted Sequin Hairband
Love, Valentine 18K Gold Dipped
Heart Seed Bead Fringe Earrings
LOVE Sports Seed Bead Earrings
Heart-Shaped Stud Earrings Set of 3, a Mother of Pearl Accent
Twisted Metal Heart-Shaped Dangling Earrings
Twisted Metal Heart-Shaped Stud Earrings
Ceramics Heart Charm Hoop Earrings
Heart Fringe Rhinestone Earrings
LOVE Seed Beads Tassel Earring
Valentine's Day Cake Seed Beads Earrings
Valentine's Day Lips Seed Beads Tassel Earrings
Valentine's Day Heart Bouquet Seed Beads Earrings
Lips Seed Beads Earrings
Petite Triple Heart Seed Beads Earring
Heart Mail Seed Beads Earring
Gold Dipped Heart Pendant Necklace
Matte Color Coating Heart Hoop Earrings with Pave Stone
Heart Indian Beaded Strap
Heart Hoop Earrings with Enamel & Pearl
Beautiful Tinsel Heart Post Earrings
"Be Mine" Bear Hugs Heart Earrings
Beautiful Tinsel Heart Hoop Earrings
Heart Balloon Post Earrings
Crown Queen Heart Earrings
A Full of Heart Beaded Hoop Earrings
Rhinestone Pave Flamingo Stud Earrings
Heart Pave Dangling Earrings
Double Heart Pearl Post Earrings
Peace Dove and Letter Beaded Earrings for Valentine's Day or Other Special Day
Small Valentine's Day Balloon Dog Pouch With Strap
Cute Cloud and Heart Rain Post Earrings
Heart Pave Post Earrings for Special Day
"BE MINE" Heart Shaped Coin Pouch
"Love" Linear Earrings for Valentine's Day or Special Day
I Love Your Lips Linear Earrings
Lovely Dangle Heart Earrings
"THE KEY TO MY HEART" Valentine's Day Coin Pouch
Pearl Love Two Layered Necklace
Enamel Love Two Layered Necklace
Valentine's Heart Beaded Post Earrings

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