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Clairmont & Co
Clairmont & Co

Based In Laurel, Ms

Founded 2009

Minimum $ 100.00 / $ 50.00 minimum

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Clairmont & Co

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Made in the USA
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In 2009, Clairmont and Co was established with a passion for making things and joy of connecting with people. Stephen and I were always entrepreneurs at heart. While finishing our educations at Mississippi State University, we started making and selling handmade signs at local artisan fairs. Unexpectedly, the business quickly became our passion. We had a vision of what Clairmont and Co is becoming today.

The vision was beyond just โ€œthingsโ€ to buy, it was about connection. The key was building a manufacturing channel to put things into this world that make a difference. We knew very little about running a business, but we were eager to know more. As we grew, we learned. If we didnโ€™t know, we asked. If we doubted, we prayed. If we wanted to give up, we prayed more! God has always been faithful and has provided ways for us to continue to grow. At Clairmont and Co, we believe in filling the world with amazing things that make people feel joy and love. All our products are handcrafted in our warehouse in Downtown Laurel, MS. Every item that leaves our door is uniquely made with love, and every piece has a story to share.

Through our business, we hope to remind people that success is not measured with titles, labels, or โ€œlikesโ€ but rather how we influence the world for good around us โ€“ big or small!


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