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BEE-OCH Organics
BEE-OCH Organics

Based In Fort Lupton, CO

Founded 2015

Minimum $ 199.00 / $ 99.00 minimum

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BEE-OCH Organics

Founding Member
Fair Trade
Made in the USA
Small Batch
Social Good
Women Owned

Hey! I'm Brooke (queen Bee and founder) and welcome to BEE-OCH Organics! We are a woman-owned and certified organic self-care company based out of Colorado; a one-stop-shop where you come to "kick the chemicals" in your daily routine.

As a pre-med student in college, I went into my professors office 5 months pregnant to ask for a letter of recommendation into med school. In a very nice round about way, he told me that med school would be too difficult for a new mother and that I needed to take time off and focus on family.

Devastated that all my hard work and years spent working up to med school, I reluctantly took his dream-crushing advice.

That same year after applying some "all natural" cocoa butter to eliminate stretch marks on my ever-growing preggers belly, I realized that cocoa butter was the 7th ingredient listed on the back panel! My nerdy science background led me to researching ingredients, which led me to the FDA and the huge lack of regulation in cosmetics and personal care products.

Before the mad science began, I went to the store looking for more natural options and to my surprise, found nothing but "greeenwashing", where products were labeled to look healthy and natural on the front, but contained the same toxic ingredients when looking at the back panels.

I thought, "Oh hell no, I'm not paying twice as much for the same garbage!" and went home to start formulating my own. And if I'm going to do something, it's going to be the best of the best; organic only!

One day my husband looked at me said, "Do you really want to make lip balm for a living?" and I replied, "Yeah, BEE-OCH!". 9 years later, we have over 40 products from sunscreen and skincare to our Anti-Aging, Mineral Makeup and even CBD lines, we have everything you need to eliminate toxins that fill traditional "beauty" products.

We aren't selling you "stuff", we are offering you a lifestyle (with a side serving of sass). It is so important for you to recognize the lack of regulation in cosmetics and personal care products, and we are here to help you make informed and healthier decisions when it comes to your body.

We are here as your sidekick in your own unique bee-ochin' journey, and love to connect! Please get social with us on instagram @organic_beeoch and our wholesale facebook group BEE-OCH Organics Wholesale for Boutique Owners

Bee well! -Brooke (Queen BEE-OCH)


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