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Andrée by Unit
Andrée by Unit

Based In Los Angeles, CA

Founded 1990

Minimum $ 100.00 minimum

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Andrée by Unit

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Founded by Jane Park in 1990 when she immigrated here from Brazil with her family, Unit Fashion Inc. has been an industry leader in the women’s wholesale clothing business for 30 years. Her son and daughter Leo and Andrea have joined the family business to continue to create brands that center around quality, fit, and trend at an affordable cost for women. We pride ourselves on truly understanding how confident good clothes can make women feel and the struggle to find clothes that fit and flatter women of all shapes and sizes, so we are proud to carry a range of styles that extend to our curvy women. We currently cater to boutiques across the US and abroad. Our three main brands are: Andrée by Unit, Savanna Jane, and our newest addition, Emily Wonder.

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Dallas Market Center Aug 13, 2024 - Aug 16, 2024

Showroom #14-416 Booth #10-4500

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Dallas Market Center Oct 22, 2024 - Oct 25, 2024

Showroom #14-416 Booth #10-4500

Plus Sizes


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