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Save Hours of Time With the Hubventory Shopify App

Save Hours of Time With the Hubventory Shopify App

We’ve got a HUGE announcement that both brands and retailers are going to love! Download the all new Hubventory Shopify app to save hours of time!

Brands: we know that selling your products on multiple platforms takes time and energy. We’ve made it so easy to import your products and keep them synchronized on Hubventory. When you receive an order, we’ll create an order in your Shopify shop and create a customer record that you own! We’ll keep your prices, photos, and inventory synchronized to avoid overselling.

Retailers: creating products is time consuming and error prone, so we create draft products for you when you shop Hubventory! You can add pricing automatically with a general markup and adjust it once you’re ready to launch products at your chosen price, or leave that option blank at 0.

This should save you all tons of time and make managing your orders easier (plus save you $ since you’re a Hub member and many brands offer free shipping, 5 or 10% off for all members.) Like your own insider program.

We can’t wait for you to test it out – let us know what you think! Users are raving:

  • Synchronize product data, inventory, and shipment tracking
  • Brands: automatically create Shopify orders when you receive a Hubventory order
  • Retailers: automatically create draft products when your Hubventory orders ship

Ready to save hours of time each week and put it back into other areas of your business? Download the Hubventory Shopify app today and let us know what you think!

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