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How to Find Your Ideal Customer

How to Find Your Ideal Customer

Finding your ideal customer is an essential part of owning a business, and buying the correct wholesale inventory. If you are unsure of who your ideal customer is, how can you buy the correct inventory to serve them? Let’s get into the key parts of how to find your ideal customer.

  1. Your ideal customer needs to be the main character of your brand. This is who you will keep in mind with all business efforts, when you are posting on social media, when you are buying wholesale for your business, and when you are doing any marketing efforts. Your business needs to revolve around your ideal customer. An easy way to implement this is by coming up with a customer persona – a character that you can name and easily refer to that represents your customer base.
  2. Everything you do in your business needs to go back to helping your ideal customer live their best life and be their best version of themselves. Your business has to benefit them in some way.
  3. Once you find a solution to a problem that needs fixing you will find customers who will be willing to spend money for that solution. (this solution could be time, body image, confidence, etc)
  4. You can confirm your ideal customer through, customer interviews, unsold inventory (it is still there because it doesn’t serve your ideal customer – it doesn’t solve their problems)  Confirm your assumptions by doing the research.
  5. People pay to have their problems solved, and product scarcity isn’t a problem. There are products everywhere, however, not every product can help a customer with their struggles.  Find a solution to a problem and you will find your customer! 
  6. Once you find customers who struggle with the same problems, you offer them a solution, stay consistent with your offering (everything you source should solve or address their problem) then you will attract more of your ideal customer.
how to find your ideal customer

You can’t run a successful business unless you have a good idea of who your ideal customer is. This is something we go over in trainings within your Boutique Hub Membership. Click here to join the community and enjoy wholesale discounts on Hubventory!

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