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Hubventory Celebrates our First Year Anniversary: A Look Back at the Journey

Hubventory Celebrates our First Year Anniversary: A Look Back at the Journey

It’s been an incredible journey for Hubventory as we celebrate our first-year anniversary. We’ve transformed Hubventory from a simple idea into a vibrant community-centric wholesale platform that’s unlike any other in the market. But to truly appreciate this milestone, let’s rewind a bit and delve into the story of our beginnings.

Just before the pandemic struck in 2020, both our retail and wholesale members had a common request –  they needed a trusted marketplace. The current platforms were not meeting the real needs of the retail industry. With high commission rates, unknown brands and a lack of communication between buyers and brands, there was a gap in the wholesale market space. The Boutique Hub team spent months listening to requests from retailers and wholesalers. Our industry needed a platform that offered it all- fair commission rates, vetted brands and boutiques, budget planning tools and a trusted, supportive community. 

As the world grappled with the unprecedented challenges of 2020, we began to lay the foundation for our dream project, Hubventory. Countless hours of brainstorming, numerous feedback sessions, hundreds of focus groups, countless calls and Zoom meetings – all contributed to shaping Hubventory into what it is today. It was built to be a niche wholesale platform, a unique offering in the market – the only privately-owned platform that is community-focused and designed to cater to the evolving needs of our members.

Since then, we’ve taken a steady and measured approach, prioritizing trust and community-building above all. Hubventory is more than just a wholesale platform; it’s a place where long-term partnerships between retailers and brands are forged. We’ve grown slowly but surely, ensuring that every step of the way, our members’ feedback is not only heard but also acted upon. Our head developer continues to engage with users, gathering feedback and making improvements to the site regularly, ensuring that it’s always evolving to serve you better.

What’s New in 2023:

As we celebrate our first anniversary, we’re excited to introduce several new features and highlight the growth of the platform:

  • Shopify Integration: Save time and streamline your operations with our Shopify app. It automatically syncs Hubventory purchases with your Shopify store, allowing you to choose markups and upload stock photos seamlessly.
  • Boards and Collections: Hubventory isn’t just about transactions; it’s about creativity and planning. Our boards feature lets you visually plan out collections, making the wholesale experience more engaging and intuitive.
  • Related Products: Hubventory is the only wholesale platform to offer this unique feature. Say goodbye to hours of searching for related products – we make it easy for you.
  • Budget and ROI Calculators: Make informed buying decisions by utilizing our budget and ROI calculators. Always ensure you stay within your budget and buy smart.
  • Feature Weeks: To align with buyers’ seasonal preferences, we’ve introduced monthly feature weeks. These weeks focus on specific product categories, making it easier for you to plan your purchases effectively. In 2024, we’ll be hosting feature weeks every quarter.

Hubventory is not just a wholesale platform, it’s a community. What sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to trust. We’re not just facilitating transactions; we’re fostering long-term relationships between retailers and brands. Hubventory is where you can find not only products but also support, advice, and a sense of belonging.

As we celebrate this remarkable first year, we want to thank you, our community, for your trust, feedback, and dedication. Your input has been invaluable in shaping Hubventory into what it is today, and we’re excited to continue this journey with you into an even brighter future. Cheers to many more years of growth, innovation, and community building!

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