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Julia Rose
Julia Rose


Founded 2019

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Julia Rose

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Welcome to Julia Rose Wholesale.

It is my passion to find the best of the best and I absolutely love doing this! Marketing products is a close second as I feel this is what sets you a part. We have all our own photos taken and ensure quality.

Many ladies ask, why do I have no minimums? Well, my thought process behind this was for two reasons...

1. I wanted to give you the same opportunity I have and try samples of any of our products. This will give you a chance to feel it, present it to your respective group, take your own photos if youā€™d like and bring in the quantities you desire.

2. Most importantly, we all started somewhere, right? All boutique owners, seasoned or just starting out are welcome to shop with Julia Rose. Building a brand takes time and not everyone can afford to bring in high minimums. Giving you the flexibility allows you to order as you see fit.

Big or small, Julia Rose is excited to be a part of your continued success!


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