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trendsetter smile kit: WHOLESALE

trendsetter smile kit: WHOLESALE

By beaut.beautyco
$ 250.00 / $ 7.00 minimum
What: The most advanced technology on the market: the Trendsetter Kit is waterproof and wireless. Trendsetter features blue light therapy and dual light therapy. You can receive a whitening session and oral care treatment all in one with our dual light therapy setting. On average each 15 minute session whitens your teeth 2-3 shades lighter. The Trendsetter Kit has an internal timer that shuts off the device after a 15 minute session and is totally rechargeable.    Sold and recommended by dental professionals and educators.  Vegan Friendly FDA Cleared


Includes: The Trendsetter Kit includes 1 light, 1 travel case, 1 charger, 1 shade guide, 1 instruction guide and 2 smile pens.
Instructions: Included in the box

*24 month warranty

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