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Recent Improvements

November 2022

Fixed issue with dollar discounts

November 9
We resolved an issue that affected a small number of orders with dollar-based discounts. Go forth and discount!

On-Sale filter in product collections

November 4
Sellers can now create a collection that only shows products that are on sale.

October 2022

Profiles for sellers with no products

October 28
If you're a seller who would like to get started on Hubventory but aren't quite ready, we now offer a basic profile without any products. This is also a great option if you need to pause selling for a short period - you can keep your profile but put orders on hold. Contact customer service if you'd like to do this! And remember, we do offer white glove service that can help with uploading and updating products whenever you need it.

More information about payments

October 27
We're storing and displaying more information about transactions, specifically why a failed payment may have happened. This helps our buyers, sellers, and admins ensure that transactions are successful and any issues are resolved quickly!

Better product pages for single (or no variant) products

October 21
We noticed that some products that originated in Shopify had a single Default Title variant which is not helpful to our buyers. We've improved our product page layout to hide this unnecessary detail to make the product page even better!

Improved featured sorting

October 11
We're always improving how we prioritize products in our default product sort. We've made some tweaks to highlight high quality products and also reward newer products. Sellers, be sure to keep your products fresh and sell your latest styles on Hubventory for best results!

Checking out a single brand

October 5
Buyers can add products to their cart from many sellers and even check out all sellers at once. However, some buyers would like to checkout a single brand at a time and that is now possible!

Shopify is now available to all sellers

October 4
We have brought our Shopify app out of beta and it's now available to all sellers! You can install it in the Shopify app store - give it a shot and leave us a 5-star review if we've earned it!

September 2022

Brands can now control the order of products on their profile

September 26
We've created a feature that allows brands to pick the products that are shown at the top of their product list. This is an optional feature - we'll always do our best to pick your best products - but it can be helpful when you're just getting started on the platform!

FAVES integration

September 12
We're excited to partner with our friends at FAVES! You can now import your Hubventory orders directly into your FAVES app using the FAVES Chrome extension.

Better social sharing for boards

September 9
We've optimized our boards for social sharing - they look even better when you post them on Facebook!

Free shipping discount codes

September 8
We've added support for free shipping discount codes! Sellers can now create them and buyers can filter products that have free shipping and brands that offer free shipping.

Hub member only discount codes

September 8
We allow buyers from any valid boutique to purchase on Hubventory but we have some extra perks for our Boutique Hub members. The best one yet: Hub member discounts, available just to Hub members!

Shipment tracking

September 1
We're now tracking all shipments through Hubventory so you can quickly see when your order will arrive. We also use this tracking information in the order calendar so you can see all of your deliveries in one spot.

August 2022

Boards for Brands

August 10

We've re-launched boards for brands! Create a board to highlight new launches, collections, product categories or ideas for your business! We'll recommend your boards to retailers, so get a jump on this feature and pick up some new eyeballs today.

You can get started quickly by clicking the star under each of your product thumbnails.

Shopify app is in final beta testing

August 8

Our Shopify app is officially approved and available in the Shopify app store! We're putting the final touches on our integration, thanks to some helpful beta testers, and it will be available for everyone in the coming weeks.

We'll automatically import and synchronize any products that you put on the Hubventory sales channel. Make a change at Shopify and we'll immediately update your Hubventory product. And - we'll even create draft orders for you when you create a shipment in Hubventory!

Smoother onboarding for retailers

August 2

Hubventory is available to any retailer, whether they're a member of The Boutique Hub or not. Of course, we give our Hub members special perks and discounts, but you don't need to join to shop on Hubventory!

We've improved our onboarding for our guest retailers so they have a better idea of what to expect while we're reviewing their registration information. For the privacy of our brands and the trustworthiness of our platform, we don't allow just anyone to join - we carefully vet every new retailer.

July 2022

Photo quality improvements

July 26

We've doubled the resolution of all of the photos on Hubventory, making them crisp and clear. Photo quality is so important!

Learn more about our photo requirements on Hubventory.

Better minimum display

July 20

We've improved the way brand minimums are displayed throughout Hubventory so our retailers can quickly identify a brand's requirements.

Preserve image order when importing

July 12

When you import a product from CSV or Shopify, we now respect the original photo order so your best photo will always be first.

Sell to your top customers for free!

July 5

We're now allowing brands to upload their 50 top customers. When you receive an order from one of those customers, you will pay 0% in fees, so you don't need to worry about losing money on your biggest orders! Upload your top customers now and send your customers shopping on Hubventory.

June 2022

We're putting the shine on things!

June 24

We've been working hard to polish up the last details in the user interface. There are so many details to sweat and we're sweating them! We've cleaned up our cart, our product pages, our explore pages, our home pages - pretty much all of the pages.

Product discovery, now 5x faster

June 23

We spent time working on making our product discovery pages load as quickly as possible. The development team is thrilled with the results, because no one should have to wait for a page to load!

New filters for product discovery

June 14

Product discovery is the beating heart of Hubventory, and we've heard a lot of feedback from our members about how they'd like search for the right product. We now have filters for fit, season, price, packs, and full size runs. That's in addition to categories, aesthetics, values, color, and brand. We'll keep improving this as we learn more and more from our users!

New packing lists available

June 8

We've added a packing list to be included with every shipment. It includes all of the details you'd expect, along with a QR code to quickly see the order on Hubventory and handle any issues that may come up.

Late shipment notifications

June 6

We've built some robust features to protect our buyers on Hubventory. One feature is auto-cancelation of orders that are late, so you're not asked to sell products out of season. We've added a notification to remind our sellers that they have orders that are at risk of cancelation for being late, and of course we have an easy way for brands to request an optional shipment extension.

Unisex sizing

June 1

We now have a full set of unisex sizes available in our Children's category.

May 2022

Custom sizes are now available!

May 12

After overwhelming feedback in support of this feature, we just shipped custom sizes for your brand! It's still best to use the Hubventory platform sizes, so users can most easily find your styles, but if you have a size we just don't support you can now create it yourself. This includes open stock and pack sizing.

You can add new sizes from your dashboard settings screens, the CSV import view, and the product variant edit screen.

Product customization fields

May 11

For our brands that offer customization, we've now added an optional customization field. If you're one of those brands, check the Allow Customization box in the product variant editor and your buyers will be able to provide customization details.

Thanks to our beta tester, The Sis Kiss, for this request!

Brand descriptions can now include any character

May 10

We fixed a bug that was breaking our brand profile editor when certain characters were present in the description. Fire away, wordsmiths!

Improved Add to Cart UI

May 10

Our Add to Cart user interface was lacking so we've spent some time polishing it up this week. It's now easier to choose different product options and see what is in stock.

Thanks to our first boutique beta testers for good feedback on this feature!

Better default sort on product views

May 9

We've defaulted to newest products first on all of our search pages and brand profile pages. We're also going to allow our brands to manually sort their products - that's coming!

Case sizes

May 9

If you sell your products in cases of 3, 5, 10, or more - this feature's for you. Brands can now specify a case size on each product variant and we'll restrict retailers to purchasing in increments of that case size. For example, a case size of 5 would mean retailers could only purchase 5, 10, 15, 20... of that product.

Thanks to our beta testers for helping us with this feature!

Consolidated Children's sizes

May 4

Our first Children's beta testers gave us great feedback on our standard sizes. We've now consolidated our Boy and Girl sizes into Childrens sizes. We also added a few missing sizes.

We love our beta testers - we truly could not do it without you!

More information on tradeshows

May 3

We've added more information for each tradeshow brands are attending. Previously, brands could specify a booth number in a single field; now, you can specify location, category, booth number, Boutique Hub perks, whether you'll be selling plus sizes, and whether you'll be offering live selling opportunities.

We also updated our PDF export so our retailers can save a copy of the brands they'd like to see at a tradeshow, along with all relevant information. This is similar to the Must See List that The Boutique Hub has been producing for years!

Lead time

May 2

We added lead times to every product variant - this is critical for our brands manufacturing custom or made-to-order products. Brands can now select a number of days and it is communicated on the product page.

We also use this lead time to calculate optional automatic cancellation dates outlined in the previous update.

Preorder and shipping dates

May 1

We have consolidated our "Preorder Start", "Preorder End", and "Shipping At" columns into a single "Ships At" column on product variants. This eliminates some confusion for our users.

We are also changing our shipment windows so that immediates will have at least 7 days and preorders will have at least 30 days before they can be cancelled automatically.

This is a good time to mention that our retailers can choose to automatically cancel orders if they are not shipped by a certain date. The minimum date is calculated based on the ships at date and the shipment windows, so our brands will have enough time to fulfill orders and our boutiques will have assurance that they won't receive an out-of-season product too late to sell.

April 2022

Clean URLs in the dashboard

April 29

This was a small but handy improvement: URLs in the dashboard now include the order number instead of a generic ID.

Precise product search

April 28

Our standard search uses a fuzzy search to return results even with misspellings. This is a nice feature, but we've heard from our brand users that finding products by SKU or style number can be difficult because many similar results are returned. To solve that problem, we now use an exact search for brands. Our retailers will still see the benefit of fuzzy search!

Product import improvements

April 25

We've improved a few things in our product import process recently! This continues to be a very critical and active area of development as more brands test it out. We improved our date handling, image import, duplicate product search, and added hints about SKUs and style numbers.

You can almost guarantee that we'll have a similar update next week, we won't stop improving this feature!

Custom product variant options

April 21

We added support custom variant options, in addition to the existing Color and Size options. Our brands can use this to specify things like scent, material, design, and more.

Two small, but mighty, product management features

April 20

Our brands have consistently requested these two features and we just delivered: bulk product deletion and product duplication. They're simple but important time-saving features!

Easier brand onboarding

April 18

We've improved our brand onboarding process with a new welcome page, hints for what to do next, and a request admin review feature. We want our onboarding process to be as easy as possible!

Weekly bugfix update

April 15

We're always fixing bugs as they pop up and this week is no exception. We fixed a few this week: a couple of errors around video upload, a too-sensitive product description HTML rule that made some descriptions blank, a problem with accessing some conversations, a couple of user interface bugs, and a broken tradeshow URL.

Product images are now required

April 14

It's hard to sell a product without good photos so we've decided to require them on our product search pages. Your products will not be searchable if you don't have at least one photo!

Big CSV import improvements

April 13

The CSV import is a critical feature of our platform. We released two big improvements: you can now upload photos with the Bulk Photo Uploader and then refer to their filenames in your CSV file. This is handy if you have a whole folder of photos to upload. And we're now showing much more information about CSV imports, including error messages and statistics about how many products were updated.

Better photo cropping + storage

April 12

We now display product photos full-size, uncropped, in all their glory! You have full control over how your product appears on your product page. We also tuned our image optimization settings to produce the best quality image files.

Y'all keep finding bugs!

April 8

You keep finding them, we keep fixing them.

As we onboard more and more users, we're continuing to identify and resolve bugs. Some recent bugs we've fixed include restoring access to the Stripe setup, minor UI issues, added a missing label, supporting null values where appropriate, and missing countries of origin.

Better support for large CSV import files

April 6

Many of our brands have a LOT of styles with a LOT of photos per style. We're continuing to improve the CSV import process and now handle image uploads in a more scaleable way. We've also fixed a memory leak, improved automatic column matching, and added out of the box support for Faire export formats.

Spring cleaning

April 5

We took a grand tour of the site and cleaned up the broken bits of UI. As we get closer to public launch our list of things to polish is getting shorter and shorter!

We also added a swanky new popup when a retailer adds a product to their cart!

Things are that much faster

April 1

We've improved the performance of our homepage (you're welcome, Google) and really improved the speed of our product search!

March 2022

Improvements to the global search

March 31

We've added helpful searches for our sellers - you can now quickly find retailers, your own products, and orders from your order history.

Yes, we actually have Men's categories

March 24

We have many Men's categories but they were hard to find alongside our Women's categories. We improved our category search to make it easier to find Men's categories!

Now supporting special characters in CSV product imports

March 25

We've improved our support for a range of special characters in product imports! This fixed a bug where a product import would fail due to a special character.

Better color handling for brands

March 22

After healthy feedback from our brand beta testers, we decided to refactor our color handling. We just launched a new system that allows brands to specify any color and associate them with platform search colors at a later date. This makes import and product creation easy but keeps products nice and searchable for boutiques!

So many bugfixes!

March 18

We took a week to focus on bugfixes throughout Hubventory. Some major fixes include proper redirects on errors, better handling of deleted products on videos, search dropdown bugs, and allowing brands to see their products on their profile while onboarding.

Infrastructure upgrades

March 18

We're always upgrading the software that runs Hubventory. We just upgraded to Laravel 9, the latest version of a world class web application framework.

We also added more queue workers to handle large photo optimization jobs and product imports!

New product filtering

March 16

We wrapped up our new product search interface on the product explore pages. We think it looks clean and is easy to use!

It turns out, beta testers are great at finding bugs.

March 11

Our beta testers have been finding and reporting bugs! We've been busy fixing problems small and large. We've been focusing on our product import, profile editing, photo uploads, and onboarding process.

Social share images

March 11

We added custom open graph images for products, brands, and boards. Now your products and brand will be front and center when you share your brand on social media!

Product search

March 11

You can now search products by style number and color. Give the site search a try!

Buyer onboarding

March 11

We're ready to onboard our boutiques with a snazzy new onboarding quiz! We'll get you set up quickly and start recommending the best products for your boutique.

More reports for sellers

March 4

Sellers can now explore their product and profile pageviews as well as view product activity.

New branding

March 4

We're dialing in our branding with font and color tweaks, as well as a brand new registration quiz!

CSV product import

March 4

Thanks to our early beta testers, we identified and fixed a number of shortcomings in our CSV product import. This is a critical feature for sellers and we really appreciate the bug reports from our beta testers!

February 2022

New reports for sellers

February 21

We've launched our first report for sellers and improved our mobile navigation experience.

CSV product import

February 14

Some sellers were experiencing issues importing custom CSV files. We've fixed a couple of bugs to resolve those issues. For best results, please use our official CSV file!

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