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Wholesale Trends for Fall 2024

Wholesale Trends for Fall 2024

From engaging hat bar and charm bar products to essential trends taking over the fashion world, the wholesale trends for Fall 2024 are here along with search volume data from Hubventory.

Trucker Hats + 481%

Trucker hats had a huge increase in popularity this Summer, and they are sticking around for Fall 2024. The search term “Trucker Hats” increased I’m search value by 481%. These make for a fun upsell for customers and can increase your AOV. Hubventory has a wide variety of styles that can be fit for every boutique!

Hat Bar +991%

In relation to trucker hats, hat bars are also having a huge moment. “Hat Bar” search term increased by 991%, and “Hat Patches” increased by 4,867%, the largest search increase on the platform! Retailers are seeing success with engaging activations in store or at pop ups, and hat bars is one of the most popular.

To host your own hat bar, source quality plain trucker hats such as this one from Nash Grey or this one from H+P Wholesale. Then, get a variety of fun patches that you can either sew or glue on hats. Retailers can charge per hat and per patch, or put together bundle deals such as four patches is $40, five patches is $45, and so forth. You can browse a variety of fun hat patches on our curated Hat Bar board here!

Charm +4,200%

Speaking of popular activations, charm bars are another huge trend for Fall 2024. “Charm” search term increased by 4,200% and “Charm Bar” increased by 256%. On our curated Charm Bar board, you’ll find charms and chains ready to make your charm bar dreams come true! It has everything you need to create a fantastic activation in your store.

Bows +1,244%

Dare we say, the accessory of 2024? Bows have been on the rise in the boutique fashion industry all year, and they’re not going anywhere for Fall. Bows can be incorporated in accessories, apparel, and gift items.

Vest +347%

Speaking from a functionality standpoint, vest are the perfect accessory for Fall, not too hot and not too cold. Speaking from a trend standpoint, vests are having a huge moment for Fall! With a rise in western inspired looks, patterned, quilted, and denim vests are being used to jazz up looks. Vests can also be a perfect way to upsell and increase your AOV by styling a whole outfit together.

For an entire list of Fall/Winter retail trends across accessories, apparel, and home and gift, download our official Trend Report! It’s free and has trend education included!

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