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Wholesale Brands That Offer Live Sale Boxes

Wholesale Brands That Offer Live Sale Boxes

Hubventory has wholesale options available for every retailer and boutique type! Let’s get into our take on the top wholesale brands that offer live selling boxes…

Wholesale live sale boxes are boxes containing various products that are sold through a live stream or video platform. The contents of the box are typically a surprise to the buyer, and they can purchase the box at a wholesale price, often at a significant discount compared to purchasing the products individually. During the live sale event, the seller will reveal the contents of the box and offer them for sale to the viewers.

Wholesale live sale boxes have become popular among sellers as a way to promote their products and generate excitement among their followers, while also providing a great deal to customers who purchase the boxes.

Live selling has become a popular trend in the boutique industry as it offers a unique way for small businesses to showcase their products and interact with their customers in real-time. With the rise of social media platforms, boutique owners can now host live selling events where they showcase their latest products and offer special deals to viewers. This allows them to build a stronger relationship with their customers, answer questions, and provide a more personalized shopping experience.

Live selling also offers an opportunity for boutiques to reach a wider audience beyond their local market, which can help to increase sales and brand awareness. As a result, live selling has become an important part of the marketing strategy for many boutique businesses.

Here are the top wholesale brands that offer live selling boxes, all available on Hubventory!

Timber Oak

Timber Oak is a candle company that offers Live Selling Boxes. One of their main sellers right now is their Spring Season live box which includes 8 products, one of each of their products, and all the fragrances would be random top selling Spring fragrances!

Timber Oak

Kitty Meow Boutique

Kitty Meow Boutique is a wholesale company that designs beautifully designed paper & party goodies based on your mood. Kitty Meow offers Live Selling kits that include an assortment of their best selling products.

kitty meow


MIX•O•LOGIE is a bath & body brand focused on fine fragrances. The brand offers a live selling kit that includes box of samples with selling tip cheat sheets – for just $20!


Hotline is an accessory wholesale brand that offers a variety of accessories and boutique goods. Hotline has a few live sale box options available to meet the needs of your different customer types.

Denise Albright

Denise Alright’s line of bright & useful planning, journaling, budgeting & easy memory-keeping products are designed to declutter your physical & mental space so that you can be present for life’s moments and stay sane doing it. The brand offers a variety of live selling kits featuring an assortment of their products.

Oily Blends

Oily Blends specializes in handmade natural bath and body items. Oily Blends has different live selling boxes available depending on your customer and your boutique needs. You can choose from a medium or large live selling box that changes month to month, or a seasonal live selling box.


 is a Dallas-based women’s outdoor lifestyle label that includes trendy hats, casual tees, tanks, vivid sherpa, and great accessories. They offer cute live selling kits featuring their best selling slippers.

For more live selling kits, check out our Live Selling Box collection on Hubventory.

We hope you liked this blog post on Brands That Offer Live Selling Kits. By shopping wholesale on Hubventory, members can take advantage of fair pricing and even member discounts on top brands! Sign Up to Shop on Hubventory.

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