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Trendy Kids Wholesale Clothing: Ollie Jay

Trendy Kids Wholesale Clothing: Ollie Jay

If you are a retailer that sells kids clothing, you are going to want to stick around for today’s blog post! Meet the best-selling brand, Ollie Jay. Ollie Jay specializes in trendy kids clothing that is sure to steal your heart!

Ollie Jay is based in Miami, FL and was launched in 2019 by owner + designer, Michelle; and they have been creating children’s clothing (and an occasional Mommy + Me look) ever since!

Ollie Jay’s Mission

Ollie Jay strives to create quality pieces as unique as your whimsical child. Their favorite part of the design process is collaborating with local artists and pattern makers to create exclusive designs that are made to be treasured.

Shopping Ollie Jay on Hubventory

Ollie Jay has an exetnsice collection of clothes on Hubventory that are perfect for all occasions from the coziest pj’s, practical playtime clothes, comfy dress up clothes, and even Mommy + Me sets! You are sure to find a couple peices that your customers will love from Ollie Jay on Hubventory!

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