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Do’s & Don’ts of Product Photography

Do’s & Don’ts of Product Photography

Having quality photos and great product photography is extremely important when selling any product. Today we are going over how you can high-quality photos that will catch shoppers’ eye and make them more likely to purchase from you on the Hubventory wholesale platform.

First of all, please do not use photos that are not your own. You wouldn’t appreciate it if you put money and time into product photography and someone else uses your images. So make sure you use your own photos!

How to choose great images:
1. Product is the Focus- reduce background distractions

2. Consistent Style -similar backgrounds and lighting. 

3. Showcase the Product – consider the best angle.


-Light or white background 

-Crop into square 

-High-quality image

-Be clear on what you are selling

-Busy backgrounds 

-Rectangle crop 

-Pixelated or fuzzy images

-Include unnecessary objects 

Hubventory Photo Policy

Let’s help your brand be as successful as possible on Hubventory. In order to do so, you’ll need at least one image per product on your brand profile.  

But what photo you choose, matters! 

Being built by our industry, for our industry, our team and community know that how you present photos will have a direct impact on your business’ success. So please use the following guidelines and tips.   


  1. Logo Image: Your logo should be square. The best size is 800 x 800.
  2. Product images:
  3. Cover image: The cover image is long and horizontal. The optimal size is 1360 X 300 pixels. 
  4. Brand Video: Your featured video on your brand profile will automatically resize for you, but for ideal layout, videos should be landscape and high resolution. 

All picture files must be PNG, GIF, or JPG.

Video files should be .mpg



This image is used in several places throughout Hubventory, including your profile, on our homepages as featured, new or suggested brands and in marketing emails. It’s often a retailer’s first impression of your brand, so make sure your logo image is clear, of high resolution, and is easy to recognize.  

Product Photography 

These images are key! Retailers looking to buy exciting new products, and your first impression matters. So use multiple high-quality, high-resolution, centered pictures with a white background to make your product stand out.

Product Image Requirements: 

  • High-resolution: at least 1825×1825 pixels
  • Image Shape:  square or vertical rectangle 
  • Simple Background: the focus should be on the product

Your product images should be compelling. These photos represent the majority of your shop. Keep them consistent and clear.

Here are some examples of great product images:

Cover Images

Your cover photo is the main image featured at the top of your brand’s shop page. It can feature a collection of product photography or one photo that really represents your brand well.

Cover Image Requirements: 

  • No logos or text
  • No products with inappropriate language
  • No nudity

Your cover image helps set the tone for your shop page. Use a photo that represents your brand’s best-selling category and overall brand aesthetic. Cover images that feature several products in one photo, or display the product(s) in use, are better than single product shots.

Brand Video

Your featured video on your brand profile will automatically resize for you, but for an ideal layout, videos should be landscape and high resolution. 

When retailers are shopping for wholesale online, it is important that they can understand brands’ personalities and feel, which can be communicated through great branded video content and photography.

Don’t be afraid to show off your brand’s personality or add a fun music track. What is going to accurately represent your brand and make retailers want to shop with you?

We hope you liked this blog on the Do’s and Don’ts of Product Photography. Follow along on Instagram for more content!

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