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Chaos Theory Wholesale
Chaos Theory Wholesale

Based In Cambridge, OHIO

Founded 2022

Minimum $ 50 / $ 25 minimum

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Chaos Theory Wholesale

Not on Amazon
Social Good
Women Owned

Hi y’all! I’m just a Midwest mama who decided to take a step back from the retail realm and step into this wild wholesale adventure.

We initially started our parent company Homemade Happiness & Co. out of our home in early 2020. We began building items on our deck and we have evolved from our love of making items our own and doing DIY projects to a business of our own products. We opened a retail store in Southeastern Ohio where we sell our own items and a curated collection of home decor, gifts, boutique clothing and accessories. I make custom signs, upcycle furniture and so much more. My husband, Brian, builds custom furniture and brings my designs to life.Β  Together we hand-select any additional items in our shop that we don't produce ourselves in our wholesale brand CHAOS THEORY WHOLESALE.

Chaos Theory came about from our very own organized chaos in our daily lives. With 5 kids, owning small businesses, being of service to our community and lots of family activities, I feel like there is only one word to describe us. CHAOS! Chaos theory by definition teaches us that uncertainty and unpredictability will always be constant in life. We've come to find that in business, much like in life, we can continue to THRIVE in the chaos of our environment.

Our Chaos Theory boutique jewelry & accessories are selected by me and our two daughters. We personally vet all of our own products!

All orders ship from Cambridge, Ohio.

Chaos Theory Wholesale is division of Homemade Happiness & Co, owned and operated by Kayla & Brian Moore. πŸ’–


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